Food Merchant - Stock Return Policy

  • Any complaint regarding quality must be reported within 7 days of purchase.
  • It is important that Stock should be kept in its original packaging and all the stock must be made available for return.
  • Correct storage conditions for stock are vital. (please, see note below) Food Merchant accepts no responsibility for liability arising from ruined product that may arise.
  • Stock that has gone through a manufacturing, or repacking process, cannot be returned as Food merchant does not have control over those operations.
  • In the event, that a Food merchant customer has supplied Food merchant product to one of their own customers, Food merchant reserves the right to request said stock to be returned to them at the customer’s expense (please note the above conditions and those below apply).
  • Food merchant will not, under any circumstance, entertain any request for credit for the loss of product and/or packaging that has been manufactured or re-packed using Food merchant product as an ingredient.

NB. Proper storage conditions are vital because:

  • The possibility exists that infestation can occur after 7 days of delivery because of incorrect storage conditions at, or transport conditions to, the customer’s premises.
  • The possibility also exists that rancidity can occur before product expiry date due to the incorrect
  • Storage conditions at, or transport conditions to, the customer’s premises.

Correct storage conditions as per the UCFOOD Safety Publication 8406/August 2010

  • Stock should be stored between 4 and 18 degrees Celsius
  • Stock should never be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Stock should be kept in a dry area.
  • Stock should never be frozen as this affects the shelf life.
  • Stock put in refrigeration must be taken to room temperature slowly to avoid condensation inside the bags which could lead to mould growth and a shorter shelf life.
  • Open stock should be stored in plastic containers to avoid any cross contamination.
  • Commercial customers, those in the business of re-selling, must have a contracted pest control company that does regular inspections, fumigation, and spraying. Customers must implement pest control company recommendations.
  • Bulk product not kept in the correct conditions may not last until the recommended expiry date.